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Cookie 'Mini Amsterdam' for large catering establishments. This cookie weighs about 4 grams and is very competitively priced. With 'Mini Amsterdam' you give the guest something small but of quality with the coffee!

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We have created a very special cookie for everyone who loves Amsterdam.

Unique and delicious for home, work, your guests or as a gift.

Are you visiting Amsterdam and would you like to take cookies home with you? We will gladly deliver your order directly to your hotel or to your guest address in Amsterdam!

This traditional butter cream cookie is decorated with a typical Amsterdam step-gable house surrounding the three famous Saint Andrew’s crosses and underneath two waves symbolising Amsterdam’s canals.

If you own a business and would like to first see and sample our cookies, make an appointment and we will gladly come to you with no obligation.

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Each cookie is individually wrapped in either plastic or biodegradable wrapping. Each box contains 170 cookies.

In plastic wrapped cookies have a recommended shelf life of four months from production date.

The wrapping is printed with ‘Koekje uit Amsterdam’ and the three Saint Andrew’s crosses.


Cookies in biodegradable wrappers have a recommended shelf life of 7 weeks from production date.

If you prefer you can order your cookies wrapping free. Cookies ordered wrapping free come in a box 1500 gram (about 190 pieces).

A box of unpackaged Mini Amsterdam contains also 1500 grams (about 380 pieces).


We offer free delivery to businesses within Amsterdam and orders may be placed daily.

For Individual customers we can deliver your order within Amsterdam for € 3,50. Shipping within the Netherlands is also possible. Your cookies are carefully packaged and sent through PostNL for € 7,25.

When you place your order you can also indicate if you would like to pick it up at our location on Spaarndammerstraat. Do you live in the Spaarndammer or Houthaven neighbourhoods? Then we can deliver free of charge!

Please contact us by email for foreign orders.


Our bakery uses only the best natural ingredients when making our Cookie from Amsterdam. The proof is in the taste.

Cookie from Amsterdam is made with real butter, vanilla and a touch of lemon zest. The bakery meets all food safety regulations and prides itself on being environmentally responsible. The production line operates to limit food waste. Cookies which do not meet quality demands are re-ground and reused.

The carton packaging we use is purchased from suppliers that are certified through Chain of Custody, including the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). The FSC is an international non-profit organisation which supports global responsible forest management.


Cookie from Amsterdam strives to be a socially conscious business and to provide concrete support for others.

A portion of the income generated by sales of Cookie from Amsterdam is used to support the homeless in Amsterdam.

Support can vary from the donation of warm socks, gloves or sleeping bags to providing meals or groceries. Sometimes there is someone who needs specific and immediate support or medicine.

If we have the budget then we will provide it. In such cases, an individual from an organisation we have chosen to work with acts as the contact person.

Our efforts in this area began in 2020 and is an added dimension to our business concept. Cookie from Amsterdam is a small business with a modest income. Support is provided to individuals and not to organisations or projects.

We currently collaborate with the following organisations:

• Drop-in centre De Kloof from the Rainbow Group

• The Stoelenproject

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For our annual reports, follow the links below.

Do you want more information. You are always welcome to contact us.

Info support to the homeless 2020

Activities 2020:

2020 was also a difficult year for Cookie from Amsterdam.

We landed in the middle of the Corona crisis precisely at the moment when we were about to start the ‘cooking with chefs’ project at the homeless shelter De Kloof, in collaboration with the company Just Horeca.

Instead, Mariska began volunteering at the Stoelenproject’s overnight shelter. A couple of times a month she worked behind the bar along with other volunteers and once a month prepared meals for a small group of 30 homeless Amsterdammers. In November and December she and her daughter Robin did this together. Cookie from Amsterdam provided the ingredients for themeals.

In November 2020 we had our first frost. Our intention was to be able to provide warm sleeping bags to the homeless but unfortunately with such low revenues this was simply not possible. That did not stop us though. We came into contact with Harco Socks ( who were prepared to donate 100 pair warm thermal socks and also hats. This gave us the chance to at least do something. The donation was shared to two shelter locations, The Stoelenproject and The Kloof.

If your company is able, like Harco Socks, to donate such items as warm socks, hats, sleeping bags, winter coats, underclothes, or shoes, we will happily come and pick them up.

We hope to be back at work in 2021 so that we can offer even more support!

Info support to the homeless 2021

Activities 2021:

Throughout the first four months of 2021 we have continued volunteering every other week behind the bar at the overnight shelter The Stoelenproject. In February and March bought groceries and cooked meals for around 30 people. The Stoelenproject closes it’s overnight shelter for the summer months so we will be back to help out in September.

In May and June we are working towards acquiring a supply of sleeping bags and backpacks. These items are always needed by those who are homeless in Amsterdam. We are searching for a manufacturer who is willing to make a good deal with us, hopefully at cost price. If we are successful in this before year-end we will let you know here.

Starting in the fall we are working with a new client. Together with a small team of homeless Amsterdammers we will be packaging cookie gift bags with personalised labels. This collaboration is good news not only for us but it will also allow us to help a few people earn a modest, but hopefully, regular income.

Koekje uit Amsterdam daklozen support.jpg
Koekje uit Amsterdam daklozen support.jpg
Koekje uit Amsterdam daklozen support-2.jpg
Koekje uit Amsterdam daklozen support-2.jpg
Koekje uit Amsterdam daklozen support-3.jpg
Koekje uit Amsterdam daklozen support-3.jpg
Koekje uit Amsterdam daklozen support-4.jpg
Koekje uit Amsterdam daklozen support-4.jpg
Info support to the homeless 2022

Activities 2022:

In the first months of 2022, we twice went shopping and cooked for 50 people who stayed in the night shelter of the Chair Project. We also brought a series of new sleeping bags and performed monthly voluntary bar services. We have purchased a series of belts for Daycare De Kloof on request.

In April we started a long-awaited job for a new Amsterdam hotel. Every week we bring there a considerable order of biscuits packed in a gift bag. Every Saturday we pack these bags with visitors to the homeless shelter Het Stoelenproject. We would like to expand this project because it suits all parties very well!

In the course of the year we will contribute where we can and will report further in the autumn!


A delicious Cookie from Amsterdam with every coffee shows your guests how much you appreciate them.

But our cookie adds even something more. Not only is it delicious but it is also has a unique Amsterdam design.

We offer free delivery to businesses within Amsterdam and orders may be placed daily.

Cookies that are individually wrapped in (bio) plastic are always in stock. Wrapping free cookies may sometimes take longer for delivery.

Order or contact us for special horeca prices!


For stores and hotels we also provide special gift bags with Cookies from Amsterdam for your customers.

Sell Cookie from Amsterdam as a special product in your store or offer as a gift for your guests.

Are you visiting Amsterdam as a tourist and would you like to take our cookies home with you as a gift? You can order a small box with 10 gift bags filled with delicious Cookie from Amsterdam cookies and we will pack them for you so that they remain intact during travel. We deliver for just € 3,50 to your hotel!

Each gift bag contains 10 individually wrapped cookies. The gift bags are labelled in Dutch and English and include a list of ingredients, best before date and, if desired, a barcode. A minimum order is 10 gift bags.

Perhaps you want your cookies packaged with your own label. This is ideal for hotels, or for company holiday or special occasion gift packages. We can make you a unique label with your logo and company name or an image and personal message at cost price.

Order or contact us about prices and options!


For home and small offices.

Cookies from Amsterdam is a wholesale business. But we understand that large orders are not always possible. For home and small offices it is possible to order a half or quarter box for delivery or postal shipping.

Our standard package contains 170 cookies. Below you will find our prices for consumers.

For HORECA and quantity orders contact us about wholesale pricing.

Price box (170 pieces)

plastic: € 16,95

biodegradable wrapper: € 18,50

Price ½ box (85 pieces)

plastic: € 9,95

biodegradable wrapper: € 11,50

Price ¼ box (43 pieces)

plastic: € 6,95

biodegradable wrapper: € 7,95

Gift bag (with 10 cookies) € 3,95

Gift box (with 9 cookies) € 5,95

Price is exclusive 9% VAT and does not include delivery costs. (€ 4,50 within Amsterdam or € 7,25 for shipping outside ofAmsterdam, but within the Netherlands.) Please contact us by email for foreign orders.

Delivery to HORECA within Amsterdam is free of charge.

Do you want to pick up your order from our office on Spaarndammerstraat? Let us know when you order.

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